• art direction & interaction design

I design simple, beautiful and elegant solutions for mobile, online and traditional media. My family and I are nestled quite nicely in the Philadelphia area and I currently design for user experience at Comcast Interactive Media. I love to talk shop, new opportunities and life, so reach out ... contact me here.

Kind words from folks I've worked with ...

    "It’s not often you meet someone as passionate and talented as Justin. He loves his work. And when a colleague is so devoted and engaged with the work you are doing together you trust them implicity. It was always a joy to be in the room with him brainstorming -- great, powerful interactive campaigns came out of those sessions. Beyond the thinking, there is a quiet, balanced man -- a calm smart force that delivers success without the drama. Wow, we miss you Justin."

    Gretchen Ramsey, VP, Brand Culture, Oxford Communications